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Bear Cave
My Love

This is a page dedicated to Matt. He is my friend, my lover, my life. He is what keeps me on the right road and is always there for me.


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Matt is 24 and we have been happily together for 4 years

Matt is quite the shy one. He didn't really want his pic posted on the web but I wanted to show everyone what my world revolves around. He finally gave in as always. I love you boi.


Another picture of Matt


Does He Know?

Is it written on my face?
The way that I feel
When he looks in my eyes
Can he see my love is real?

Can he see how beautiful
How much he means to me?
Does he miss the beat of my heart
When my thoughts turn to he?

Does he realize that he is my dream
That I found they do come true?
I never really believed
All that love could do

I know he knows all these things
I know he feels the same
Now how do I convince him
To let my love heal his pain

By: DW Garet